Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ako Evening Term 3

Last night we had our Ako evening for Term 3.

We prepared display boards to show the 4 hobbies that we learnt the most about. 

We also prepared a giant painting that people could work on collaboratively. 

It was awesome to see the parents coming into the classroom and students ready and able to talk about their learning. 


Painting with family members


Stanley doing a sketch of Joshua

More elastics - parents helping out

Hevani teaching her dad how to play with the chatter rings 

Hevani's sisters learning how to sew

Syraiah-Lee getting her sketch done

Hiria working on some sewing

Thank you to all the parents who came and found out more about what we have been learning about this term. 
When we work together, we can create beautiful things!

Monday, September 25, 2017

How does day and night happen?

As part of our solar system studies, we have been learning how day and night happens.

Next we got under a table and had a practical explanation of how day and night happens.

Leave us a comment of your understanding of how day and night happens.

Kiwi-Sport reflection: Hip Hop

Today was our last Kiwi-sport session for this term.
We have been learning Hip Hop from our teacher Jasmine.

We have learnt lots of different moves.
Thank you to Hiria, Syraiah-Lee and Kika for showing us each move.

At the end of our last session, we had a competition where we performed our own choreography.
Here is each groups choreogrophy. 

Each student gave some feedback about the Kiwi-sport lessons for this term. 

Coralee - I like that she gave us some dance moves to put in our dance.
Merielle - the hardest part when you have to memorise all the moves, but I really liked the competition.
Kordell -  my favourite part was learning new moves.
Joshua - I liked being up on stage to do some MJ
Auckland - we didn't get to choose our competition song, i got tired learning new moves.
Amon - I liked to participate with my friends and have fun.
Reign - my favourite was having fun
Hiria - the hard thing was working in a group when the other people were mucking around and not listening
Edith - I liked learning new dances and how people support each other on the stage.
Lopi - I didn't try
Paula - My favourite move was Kriss Kross
Hevani - I like hip hop, its amazing, it keeps me awake and its fun.
Suave - I liked when we went on the stage.
Syraiah-Lee - It was fun to perform.
Kika - My favourite part was doing the test.

Overall we have really enjoyed learning about hip hop and learning new moves. It was very challenging at times to learn the moves, keep in time and work with others to create our own group. 

Thank you once again Jasmine for teaching us!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How does the solar system work?

For the last two weeks of school, we are learning about Space.

We don't know that much about space - mainly only that there is no oxygen in space.

Miss Ashley made this resource and we will use it for week 9 and week 10 to help us learn about space. 

Already we have learnt so much. You should check out the corridor outside our class to see what specific things we have learnt.

One of those things is what order the planets go in, and that they orbit around the sun while rotating. Here is a video of us trying to understand this.

We will show you more things we learnt about space as we go!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Animal presentations!

As part of our inquiry, we learnt about zoology.
Zoology is the study of animals, their behaviour, physiology and evolution, as well as their interactions with each other and their environment. Zoologists study how animals evolved and the impact of environmental change on their survival.

In buddies, we drew an animal out of a hat and had to research it. 

We started with texts from here, then had to use Google to help answer any other questions we had. We had a lot of tasks to complete about our animals.

Here are some examples of the various tasks we had to do.

Task 1 - Grace and Edith

Task 2 - Syraiah-Lee and Falakika

Task 3 - Lydia and Hiria

Task 4 - Paula and Sosaia

Task 5 - Coralee and Hevani

Task 6 - Falakika and Syraiah-Lee

Task 7 - Edith and Grace

Task 8 - Lydia and Hiria

Each pair also had to prepare a Kahoot with facts from their presentation.
These were really entertaining and interested, and kept out crowd (Room 7, 8 and some of Room 5) hooked into the presentations.

A special thank you to our wonderful audience!

We would love to hear something you have learnt about any animal we talked about, leave us a comment below!

Te Reo Maori lesson - from Room 10 students

Today we had some special guests come into our classroom. 
They were students from Room 10! 

These students were Frances, Cerenity, Irys and Constance. 

They taught us about lots of different things, but mainly about Maori hobbies like playing a game called Pukana.


We made up a Padlet and gave them some feedback about their lesson. 
Most peoples favourite part was playing Pukana!

We would love to hear something you learnt during Maori Language Week 2017, 
leave a comment below!

Maori Language Week 2017

This year for Maori language week, we decided to make a movie inspired by an article on Kiwi Kids news, called 100 Maori words every Kiwi should know. 

Ironically, in the article, there was more than 100 words! 
So we changed our title to reflect the 106 we learnt how to say.


How many of these did you know?
Which ones were new for you?
Let us know in a comment below!

Area & Perimeter

This week we learnt about Area and Perimeter. 
Miss Ashley put a grid on the carpet using masking tape and we used this to help us learn about area and perimeter. 

Area is what is inside a shape - when we did this, we used real people.
Perimeter is when you count how many lines are on the outside of the shape - you can see us walking and counting to measure this. 

Check out our learning!

Did this help you learn about area and perimeter?
Let us know in a comment below.

Monday, August 21, 2017

PWC - Financial Literacy

For maths this week we are learning about financial literacy. 
We are lucky enough to have some special guests from PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). 

They taught us lots about insurance, saving money, knowing who it is safe to borrow money off and so much more.

Here are some student DLOs about what we learnt.

By Auckland

By Hiria

By Coralee

Monday, August 14, 2017

Narrative writing T3W4

Today we started learning about narratives. 

We have all learnt about narratives before, so we knew something about them. The most important thing with narratives, is that they have a problem and a solution. 

Firstly, Miss Ashley told us oral narratives (telling them out loud, instead of writing them down). 
We gave our ideas for characters, settings and problems, and she made up a random story about them.

Next, we acted out our own narratives, using characters/settings/problems that the class came up with.

Here is our creations.

On the last one, Miss Ashley wrote down exactly what was narrated (said).

One fine sunny morning, there was 2 dogs. They were playing. They were really good friends, as they were brother and sister. ‘Wooooof’ growled one dog. Then one day, two people came. ‘Which dog do you want?’ said one of them. Kika wanted a dog, and chose the dog called Grace. GRace didn’t know what was going on, and felt sad at that moment, but she went to her new owner. Her brother didn’t know, he was still sleeping. The new owner, and her mum, walked away. The brother woke up, and he looked everywhere for his sister. She wasn’t there. He got angry. He got crazy. ‘WOO WOO WOO’ he cried for his sister.

So the new owner and the mum went to the markets to get some food. ‘Okay, elts eat’ said the mum. The brother dog was still looking for his sister. He looked like a scary gorilla. He looked at the owner and the mum. He looked straight in their eyes. He barked and barked. WOOO WOO WOO. They got really scared. They called pet control, and pet control.
Amon was biting them into pieces, and then he ran away.

10 years later… the brother was still looking for his sister. He was so old. He finally saw his sister! He was so happy. They both went together and started playing. They were so excited.

Monday, July 31, 2017

PB4L movie - how should we act in assembly?

Today we talked about what behaviours should and shouldn't be seen at school assemblies.

The teachers made a silly video showing us all the bad behaviours we shouldn't be doing, so we decided to make a video showing how it should really be done.

Notice how we...
  • entered assembly in two quiet straight lines
  • stood up and sat down quietly when instructed
  • clapped at the end (when people got certificates)
  • listened to our teacher and left the room in two quiet straight lines
  • didn't talk during the assembly
  • kept our hands and feet to ourselves

What was something you noticed somebody doing that showed the expectation of the assembly?
Leave your answer in a comment below.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Diving into inquiry!

Today we added onto our inquiry learning from yesterday (about leisure and entertainment in the 20th century) and we went further into history.

Miss Ashley gave us heaps of non-fiction (real) books that we had to read to find out information about different ancient civilisations, and then write any facts we found on the right piece of paper.

Here is what we came up with.

Next, we got to choose which of the civilisations we wanted to learn more about. Miss Ashley gave us a list of questions, and we allocated them to different group members and started researching.

Key questions
  1. Who were the people who lived at this time?
  2. What time did they live in?
  3. Where did they live?
  4. What made their place different, unique or special?
  5. What belief system did these people have and how did they worship?
  6. Who were the important people at the time, and what made them important?
  7. What was the working industry like? (What kinds of jobs did people have, did they have holidays, who worked, how much were they paid?)
  8. What did these people do for leisure and entertainment?
  9. Describe how they...
    1. got their food
    2. Kept safe from other nations
    3. Dressed
    4. Made their houses (what did they look like, what were they made of etc)
    5. Travelled (if applicable)
    6. Conquered other nations (if applicable)
  10. What event/action are these people most famous for?

We will keep you updated as to where we go with our research.

Share with us below what you have learnt about any of the civilisations!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kicking off our inquiry!

This morning we kicked off our new inquiry topic 


First we read a text called 'Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th century. 

This told us all about what life was like in the 1930's and some important things that happened.

A big change was in 1939, when a law was introduced in Britain that allowed workers one week paid holidays every year. Before this, people didn't take holidays as they couldn't afford it. This launched the new entertainment industry

We learnt about Billy Butlin, Oswald Stoll and Oscar Deutsch who helped build this industry in Britain. You can read more about them here.

Another change that happened in the 20th century was that people worked less and were paid more. In the 1900's, the average working week was 54 hours. By the 1980's, this was down to 39 hours. In New Zealand in modern times, 40 hours is considered the normal working week. We get four weeks of annual leave (paid holidays) as well. It is much better now!

Next, we researched when different entertainment technologies were invented. 
For example, TV was invented in 1927, radio was invented in 1895, the internet only came in 1983 and the first commercial flight was in 1914. 

We learnt lots of new words from our readings.. 
exotic, disposable income, century, salary, annual, silent films, Charlie Chaplin, BC (before Christ) and AD (anno Domini).

Next, we had a look at what entertainment was like in the early 1900's. 

We watched a few clips like these..

The wizard of Oz was the first colour movie EVER - it came out in 1939. 

Our class found Charlie Chaplin HILARIOUS! We learnt that movies didn't have the actors talking, (if they had any noise at all, it was music over the top) and were filmed in black and white. 

The Royal Variety Performance was invented by Oswald Stoll. This theatre is still going today.

We also talked about the Roaring 20's, and how people were more rich after WW1. They had big parties and dressed very differently than we do now. We looked at clips from The Great Gatsby to help us understand.

Monday, July 3, 2017

WALT use Google Forms to make a quiz!

This week we used the stories we read to write up a quiz using Google Forms. 
Miss Ashley showed us how to turn it into a quiz, assign points to earn if you get the question right and how to mark the right answer.

Each group brainstormed their own questions to ask about their story. 

Have a look at everybody's quiz! 
As you can see there are 3 reading groups, so there are 3 different books to read before you answer the question. 
Google Form quizzes!

Genius Gems
(To spray or not to spray?)
Bright Sparks
(Escape from the wahine)
Smarty Pants
(The waka ama nationals)


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Making TV ads!

As part of our persuasive writing unit, we are making TV ads for different foods!

We have to use everything we have learnt about persuading people to do stuff (for example, you have to use the right kind of words) to try and convince them that our food item is worth buying.

Here is our creations!